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ThinCats is dedicated to funding growing and ambitious UK SMEs across all industry sectors using pioneering data, personal relationships and a pragmatic lending process. We aim to simplify the traditional bank-dominated commercial lending model by connecting SMEs directly with institutional and retail investors. Filling the gap created by the banks’ inability to service much of the commercial finance market, we specialise in senior secured loan facilities up to £15 million. We combine strong institutional backing with access to diverse pools of funding and have more than £0.8 billion of committed capital to lend against assets and cashflows. Our through-the-lifecycle funding experience enables us to fund a variety of scenarios; from organic growth to acquisitions, management buy outs and buy ins, refinancing and restructures. ThinCats focus on funding businesses that are growing and adaptive, not just those that fit the restrictive bank lending criteria of high productivity and maturity—funding the deserving underserved. Our award-winning data modelling enables us to identify the market beyond these restrictions, doing the deals banks can’t do, not those that they won’t do.