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An independent panel from across the profession judge the Yorkshire Accountancy Awards every year

The judges receive, review and score your submissions for the categories being contested at the Yorkshire Accountancy Awards, to recognise the best organisations, teams and practitioners the region’s profession has to offer.

They will meet virtually around two weeks after the entry deadline to finalise the shortlist and confirm their winners.

The judges are always experienced professionals hailing from a variety of trade associations and institutes, ensuring that they’ll bring years of experience and expertise to the judging process while staying impartial.

They are chosen for their positions at organisations that represent the profession, have no financial ties with the Yorkshire Accountancy Awards, and must declare conflicts of interest and not participate in the judging of any categories where a conflict exists.

During the judging process, the judges must deliver a score for each submission considered. An average of all of the judges’ scores for each submission in that category is then taken, to come to a final determination that is as free as possible from biases.

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