Watch the 2020 ceremony and celebrate with the entire accountancy profession

Watch the 2020 ceremony and celebrate with the entire profession in Yorkshire

The Yorkshire Accountancy Awards 2020 will be broadcast on on 3 December at 7pm. The 2020 ceremony is your chance to celebrate the profession’s incredible work.

The accountancy profession in Yorkshire deserves to be recognised with an unrivalled production. This integral service is crucial to the prosperity of clients everywhere, and highlighting and rewarding best practice will contribute to its continued success.

Why you should register to watch the 2020 ceremony and celebrate the accountancy profession’s incredible work

  • There is no cost or barrier to stream the 2020 ceremony. Everyone can watch it.
  • It’s a celebration during a remarkably tough time, so put your tuxedos or ball gowns on and have a drink with the entire profession in Yorkshire!
  • Show your support for your business, colleagues and clients.
  • Be seen. While you’re watching the broadcast, use #YAAwards across social media to engage with your peers.
  • Find out if you, your team, your business or your clients have won an award!
  • Watch it on your smartphone, laptop or smart TV, wherever you like (shout outs on social media for the best examples!).


When you do register for the 2020 ceremony, you’ll be sent access information and a password during the week of the event, along with regular reminders so you don’t miss the opportunity to discover the Yorkshire accountancy champions of 2020, and learn how they are delivering such an important service in these difficult times.

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