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Three weeks to go until entry deadline: Here’s why you should enter

With the 2020 entry deadline less than three weeks away, here’s why you should enter the Yorkshire Accountancy Awards


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Drive home the fact that you are the best. Winning or being shortlisted adds significant credibility to your business. There are powerful marketing benefits that could give you the edge over competitors.

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Boost staff morale. Acknowledging top performers can have an encouraging effect on morale, motivation and retention. This works both ways—the best talent wants to work for the best businesses.

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Reflect on your success. The entry process provides an opportunity to reflect on your strengths, consider areas for improvement and assess the direction you want your business to go in.

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Publicity and recognition. If you are shortlisted or win an award, you can write a press release and shout about it to cement your reputation as a trusted authority in your field.

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See your name in lights. Attending an awards dinner gives you the opportunity to network with other business leaders and is a fantastic way to enhance team spirit.

Enter by 11:59pm on 6 March. Visit www.yorkshireaccountancyawards.co.uk/enter-awards

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